Trap Them – Blissfucker (english version)

Ross Ellis 12" Gatefold 11298

Trap Them – Blissfucker

(2014  – Prosthetic Records)

Summer is coming to town. At last, we are in this beautiful season, during which we can see human beings becoming a hord of zombies, hungry for freshness and also fresh flesh. There is an exudation of matter, of perfume, in a naturalist disposal that Zola only could paint with all the bad trip that goes with it. For those who also think that summer is as creepy as other seasons, and who want to spend it out of the common places, we warmly recommend you to listen to Trap Them’s Blissfucker : heavy and icky, this band will give you the sensation of eating a cassoulet on a terrace in a scorching heat.

How to describe this weird style properly ? It is a confluence of a ballsy rock and roll mixed with grindcore. It is common to offer crappy recipes to describe in common words to common people what should be normally set into arguments. So, we are going to go along the easy path : take a bit of Dillinger Escape Plan, beat up a beef carcass, and sprinkle ashes of Refused, and fill it with Norma Jean (the remark is volontary salacious). Put it under the morbid tutelary figure of Black Sabbath heat. Then you could grasp how Trap Them sounds.

From the beginning to the end, you will be abused, reduced to a wild animal, as if you were on an eternal hangover, but a kind of magical hangover that makes you want to hit the ground with your cowboy boots, with a whacked load of evilish and unsane rythms, in a piano-bar of filth.

The tour de force of Trap Them takes can be found in the fact that they managed to pick up what the most extreme metal music can offer, but replaced it in the meantime, and quite miraculously, in its Rock and Roll groove heritage.

There is a little drawback : the album is maybe a bit long when you compare it to the high level of noise that the auditor has to endure. He loses a bit of efficiency when you want to listen to it from one end to the other.

This is one of our summer favorite, and we warmly recommand you to give your beloved ears a treat : go and listen to Blissfucker !

Reviewed by Jean-Gauthier Martin

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